Wednesday, August 4, 2010

''Public'' Art

There are many times that while wandering in the concrete, dull, colorless streets of the city, all of a sudden there comes the surprise! In particular, some attractions, some pieces of art, some catchy installations capture your eye... tinkle your senses... raise your interest... vibe your soul... cultivate your manners... pause and... exclamation mark ! WOW... u utter and search for your photo camera :-)  Art installations in public venues and in general, are always effective in bearing reactions... Let the images speak instead of words ...

2,500 Coca cola cans for the Crateman statue located at a harbor in Cape Town during FIFA WORLD CUP 2010.
Exceptional massive FLOOR STICKER in a shopping mall of Jakarta. The ad rights belong to Saatchi & Saatchi and the product is an insecticide for pets.

The BMW Munich Museum Kinetic Sculpture made of 714 metal orbs
Mini-Cooper awesome OOH billboards... the catapult campaign, the YO-YO mini car billboard as well as the entrance-exit trick at the Zurich metro station. So, there comes the question: HOW MANY can u pack into a MINI :; ???
Athens Cow Parade 2006
Nike’s 20-meter-high, half-ton Ball Man made of 5,500 Brazilian Skill Balls was a huge hit during the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. It was the centerpiece of a Nike installation Carlton Mall Atrium in Johannesburg.


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