Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MasterCard MARKETPLACE pops up in the streets...

After presenting the FOREVER 21 interactive OOH promotion in Times Square where a real model interacted with the passer bys via a giant video wall and also VISA creating its social media space RIGHTCLIQ where members gather , discuss and decide about their shopping, here comes MasterCard with its MARKETPLACE launched in the streets. Digital screens are placed in the streets, out of home media, nearby shopping areas and with detectors and RSS feed mechanisms , they show images to purchase at real bargains targetting thus the walking pedestrians :)
the full article is featured in AdWeek as follow:

MasterCard Takes E-Commerce to the Streets

Retail displays consist of motion sensor-activated screens on which items like purses, laptops and sneakers appear. MasterCard has launched an out-of-home campaign to promote its MarketPlace e-commerce site. The goal? To get consumers' attention both online and offline. The credit card brand has put up storefront ads featuring black-and-white vinyl panels and taglines like "A smarter way to shop online" and "Where bargains find you." The effort, which includes ads in New York, Chicago, Miami and Philadelphia, wraps up this month. The displays, set up in busy retail locations, consist of motion sensor-activated screens on which items like purses, laptops and sneakers pop up when someone walks by. There is also a mobile component: Pedestrians can view the latest offers via MasterCard MarketPlace's RSS feed and e-mail deals to themselves. MasterCard hopes "to capitalize on consumers' dual online-offline shopping behavior by directly placing the MasterCard MarketPlace 'shop smarter' message within the physical, brick-and-mortar shopping experience," said Cheryl Guerin, the company's svp of digital marketing. Storefronts were a "natural channel extension," she said. In addition to the OOH campaign, MasterCard is running TV, print and online ads to promote its MarketPlace business. Digital efforts include tweeting "overwhelming offers," which are "time-sensitive" deals offered daily on the site, Guerin said. The company did not disclose the campaign's cost. It is, however, the first time MasterCard has launched an interactive outdoor initiative to support a larger marketing push. GSD&M Idea City, digital agency R/GA and Inwindow Outdoor worked on the campaign.
MasterCard spent $164 million on advertising in 2009 and $31 million through the first five months of this year, excluding online, per Nielsen.  

- Elaine Wong, Brandweek

City cab posters by Mehmet Gozetlik

Mehmet Gozetlik is a 29 y.o. artist having been born and residing in Istanbul. He is a great contributor in the Antrepo. His recent ''Taxi, please'' art project illustrates 4 different cities through the images of their taxis. Very vivid and catchy print artworks; the Black style taxicab from London, the Yellowcab from New York City, the Panelvan style from Istanbul, the famous VW Beetle from Mexico City. Enjoy the AWs below...

Friday, August 6, 2010

KANYE WEST's new video ''POWER''

After providing some behind the scenes footage, Kanye West now unveils the long awaited video painting for “Power.” Directed by Marco Brambilla, the visual was said to be inspired by Michelangelo’s frescos in the Sistine Chapel, and depicts “an empire on the brink of collapse from its own excess, decadence and corruption.” You’ll find this on his yet to be titled album due out on October 12th 2010.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

VISA social-medializes e-commerce

VISA pioneers and creates its own social media space with a focus on e-commerce activities. Therefore, the rightcliq fans meet online so as to discuss shopping plans, bargains, fashion tips, wishlists, prices, opinions and reach decision making as well as track shipment. The web tool does not impose VISA though but lets the members choose their credit/debit card. The application will be featured in fashion websites and blogs so as to target the appropriate groups, trendsetters and shopaholics and fashion audience generally speaking.

Socialize and have fun via e-commerce... powered by VISA!


The eye-catching swimming pool in Mumbai, India, has been built to raise awareness about the threat of sea level rises as a result of global warming. It was constructed by attaching a giant aerial photograph of the New York City skyline to the floor of the pool. The idea was conceived by advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. Ogilvy spokesman Nabendu Bhattacharyya said: "The challenge was to reach out to people who are otherwise indifferent to the cause in a non-theoretical manner. "HSBC wanted to convey the message in a unique visual way that would grab people's attention and couldn't be ignored." "The Ogilvy team came up with an innovative way to show the adverse impact of global climate change.

They glued an aerial view of a city to the base of a swimming pool. When the pool was filled with water, it gave a shocking effect akin to a city submerged in water. The visual of a sunken city shocked swimmers and onlookers, driving home the impact of global warming, and how it could destroy our world someday."
The pool, completed at sports centre in Bhaktipark, Wadala, Mumbai, in 2008, has been so successful that HSBC is considering building more of them in cities worldwide. just... Brilliant!!!! :-)

''Public'' Art

There are many times that while wandering in the concrete, dull, colorless streets of the city, all of a sudden there comes the surprise! In particular, some attractions, some pieces of art, some catchy installations capture your eye... tinkle your senses... raise your interest... vibe your soul... cultivate your manners... pause and... exclamation mark ! WOW... u utter and search for your photo camera :-)  Art installations in public venues and in general, are always effective in bearing reactions... Let the images speak instead of words ...

2,500 Coca cola cans for the Crateman statue located at a harbor in Cape Town during FIFA WORLD CUP 2010.
Exceptional massive FLOOR STICKER in a shopping mall of Jakarta. The ad rights belong to Saatchi & Saatchi and the product is an insecticide for pets.

The BMW Munich Museum Kinetic Sculpture made of 714 metal orbs
Mini-Cooper awesome OOH billboards... the catapult campaign, the YO-YO mini car billboard as well as the entrance-exit trick at the Zurich metro station. So, there comes the question: HOW MANY can u pack into a MINI :; ???
Athens Cow Parade 2006
Nike’s 20-meter-high, half-ton Ball Man made of 5,500 Brazilian Skill Balls was a huge hit during the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. It was the centerpiece of a Nike installation Carlton Mall Atrium in Johannesburg.


Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) @ the “Istanbul European Capital of Culture 2010”

The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation ( participates at the big cultural event that takes place on yearly basis, the "European Capital of Culture", by presenting two exhibitions at the Sanat Limani (Antrepo 5) in Istanbul, from July 30 until September 19, 2010 (opening on Friday July 30, at 19:00).

The exhibition "Architectural counterpoints in Greece: from 19th c. tradition to 21st c. mutations" assembles more than 100 photographs, taken by the distinguished Greek architect Aristotelis Zachos (1871 – 1939), that derive from the Neohellenic Architecture Archives of the Benaki Museum and raise issues regarding the current situation and common attitude towards architectural heritage.

The contemporary art show "A space between" (Eleni Kotsoni, Raziye Kubat, Cagr Saray) is a site-specific installation including various objects, drawings and paintings and evolving through the dialogue established between Greek and Turkish artists.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ads Should Help Folks Have Fun, by Bob Deutsch

Fun and happiness, partly because of their scarcity, are hot topics. Today life is hard, in new ways. In addition to the economic downturn, people experience life as TOO fast, TOO complex and TOO competitive. Everyone is rushed. Everyone is pulled in many directions.
This hardness of life can all too often push away the experience of fun and happiness. But people want some fun in their lives. And, of course, Americans are always in pursuit of happiness.
When folks are having fun they feel they can let their hair down and put aside their inhibitions. Marketers rarely talk about fun directly, but in designing digital offerings that promise an "experience," or when focused on building customer relationships, the covert subtext of most advertising should be aimed at creating the feeling of fun.
As a cognitive anthropologist working in marketing and consumer decision making, I recently completed three projects -- for a cruise line, a sporting goods line and a refreshment beverage -- that uncovered some key aspects about peoples' experience of fun.


1. New. A key word in the experience of fun is "new." People often have fun when having new experiences, learning new things, meeting new people.
2. Going beyond expectation. To have fun requires going beyond the routine or familiar, to meet what people call "something extra." Surprise (something new) and the unexpected (something not habitual) contribute to a feeling of the non-ordinary.
3. Feeling open. To have fun people need a sense of "becoming," wherein nothing is pre-scripted and the end is unknown at the beginning; here there is an unfolding and an exploration.
4. No. Fun often requires the absence of things. In this case, no analyzing, doubting, pressure to conform, pretense, restrictions, judgment.
5. Freedom. Choice and independence are undercurrents of fun. People interpret this as doing what one wants, when one wants, and doing it at one's own pace ("finding your own rhythm"), without any external demands. This is often called "me time," which people now deem a luxury.

The surprising primary constituent of fun is feeling understood.
Relief (minimizing loss) and satisfaction (maximizing gain) are experienced differently and are, in fact, represented by different neurological activity patterns.
If I like a product or an activity and buy (or pursue) it because its attributes meet my interests, I can be relieved to have it. However, if I feel that having a product or engaging in an activity reflects my identity and expands my latent expressions of self, a certain relationship develops with that product, brand or activity. It is that relationship that makes me happy and that I experience as fun.
People feel happy not when a product or a store demonstrates an understanding of the consumer as a purchasing process, but when the marketer authentically displays an understanding of who the consumer is as a person.
Understanding a person as an identity is different than explaining him or her as a consumer, as a demographic unit. At best the former generates "liking" while the latter establishes "attachment." While I can like a transaction, I am happiest in a relationship when having fun.
In a relationship, people talk about feeling "truly alive," of "turning on a different brain." This can only occur when marketers seek not only to make magic, but to make magic fun.

Fun is a magical thing. You can find the "YOU" in fun. People are intrinsically drawn to such an experience.
So come on marketers, think "fun" and people will follow your brand more often.

Bob Deutsch is a cognitive anthropologist and founder of the consulting firm Brain Sells. He can be reached at

SONY VAIO ''The Rocket Project'' ... make.believe.

Earlier in spring 2010, Sony's Rocket Project gave eight lucky high school students several Vaios, a crash course in rocketry, and the opportunity to design and build a rocket that could make it to the stratosphere. Well, what do you know? After a few weather-related setbacks, the thing finally launched on Friday, July 23 from its launchpad in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, achieving Mach 2.8 (nearly three times the speed of sound) in the process. Thumbs up!!!

and launch day:

Monday, August 2, 2010

FOREVER 21 in real interaction with the passer bys

FOREVER 21 - interactive digital BB @ Times Square - such smart & catchy promo!space150 built this digital billboard for Forever 21's new Times Square store. The sign uses high-def cameras and custom built video software to allow giant models to interact with the crowd in real time - so cool!

Volkswagen' FUN Theory :)

In most of the times, there is no better way than FUN so as to convince and/or encourage people to follow a methodology, an example, a good deed!Here is Volkswagen's efficiency combined with fun that results into more litter being thrown into a dustbin :) This has to do with positive manipulation of human curiosity! Fun & CSR... the more playful it is, the most efficient it turns out ;)
N-joy @ :


A splash of colour and design can go a long way toward beautifying a grey, ugly space. The Favela Painting project aims at adding some lively color to the slums of Rio de Janeiro by means of large, community-driven murals. And this is to be achieved by incorporating training and employment for the local residents. The idea conceivers are the Dutch artist duo Haas&Hahn. Dre Urhahn, one of the several artists participating in the project wisely comments: “This work of art can make a colorful difference in the lives of local individuals, the community and the city of Rio. It has the potential of working as a catalyst in the processes of social renewal and change.” I proudly add it in the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) exemplifications I intend to add in my blogspot.

The Favela Painting has already completed two community painting projects in Vila Cruzeiro—Rio's most notorious slum—along with the first portion of O Morro, its current effort to paint an entire hillside slum. Some 34 houses and 7,000 square meters of Praça Cantão in Santa Marta have already been transformed through paint, and the project hopes to paint even more of the hillside. In each of its projects, Favela has focused on recruiting local residents to do much of the painting, including training and paying them. In this latest one, local inhabitants were trained through a partnership with Brazilian paint company TintasCoral on everything from different types of paint to safety measures while working on scaffolding.
Favela Painting is supported by Firmeza Foundation, and recently the decorative paint division of Dutch AkzoNobel. 

For more, visit:

Aloe Blacc's forthcoming album ''GOOD THINGS'' to be released in late September 2010

Video for Aloe Blacc's single "I Need A Dollar" from the forthcoming album Good Things - awesome video in dual window screens - black-white-red direction - so down to earth as a story. Additional video ''Loving you is killing me'' in the studio.
Aloe Blacc is so much into the soul, funky and rhythm n blues feeling and sounds... check his latest two tracks (I need a dollar & Loving you is killing me)  @ :


Enjoy & get ready for the album :)
he is said to be uncovered by Kid Cudi (?) - not tested source, cross my ears ...