Monday, August 29, 2011

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Chris Brown & Benny Benassi - Beautiful People

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE 4 all my beloved and beautiful ppl ;)
Yesterday, Chris Brown had one of the best, if not THE BEST, lperformances at the VMA :) and 2day... i use it as my music video of the day. Hip hop, black music elements wonderfully and upliftingly mixed with house music by Benny Benassi ! n*joy!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My tribute poem for the 10yrs ''Missing AALIYAH''

It’s been too long and I am lost without you

Missing your smile, aura and music… dat’s true

Searching for you in the air that I breathe

Writing about you in my story of the Myth

Following your footprints in the urban street

Chasing your elegance cause it’s smooth and sweet

Fighting pessimism by being armed with your music

Smiling widely when I feel your eyes in the sky blink

Praying daily for your soul to be in tranquility

Swearing for life that to you I show fidelity

It is AALIYAH if you read between my lines

It is AALIYAH when you feel my funky vibes

It is AALIYAH that results into my inspiration

It is AALIYAH in all that happens in rotation

My Babygirl, you give me strength

My Babygirl, my life gets length

And if at first I don’t succeed
You taught me that I need to compete

To dust it off and TRY AGAIN

As there is happiness after pain.

Written on 25th August 2011, Athens-Greece
10-year tribute ‘’MISSING U, BABYGIRL’’
With /.\ in our hearts :)


AALIYAH's last shot video ''Rock the boat''...10years ago shot at the Bahamas. Babygirl rushed off to return home but She never did to back home as the plane crashed...Sad moments to describe and I do not wish to do so in this post. It is an AALIYAH remembrance special video. Its intro card says all in a few lines. With AALIYAH DANA HAUGHTON in our hearts :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Aaliyah - Hot Like Fire

AALIYAH 's red video... HOT LIKE FIRE. Her style, Her mind, Her personality, Her air, Her smile, Her creations, Her voice, Her manners, Her professionalism, Her LOVE in all the things that She did had been... HOT LIKE FIRE. Tomorrow there will be 10 yrs since Her passing away; Her spirit, influence, aura... are still around us. With AALIYAH in our hearts forever . RIP, our Babygirl._

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Aaliyah - One In A Million

On 25th August 2011, there will be 10 years since AALIYAH's passing away... Most of the August videos as well as my posts on social media are directly related to my beloved AALIYAH... /.\ is daily remembered, prayed, loved, tributed as She has always been my ''1 in a million''. With AALIYAH DANA HAUGHTON in our hearts. RIP Babygirl._

Saturday, August 20, 2011

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Aaliyah - Miss You (Aaliyah Tribute)

''It's been too long and I am lost without you...
wondering if you are the same and who's been with you...
 I miss U''.
I trully need years to be writing about my favorite and beloved muse and artist AALIYAH... Music video of the day, of the weekend, of the month, of the years ... can be any video of Hers. On August 25th , 2011 there will be 10 years missing sweet, unique AALIYAH since Her tragic passing away. She is daily remembered, tributed, prayed, worshipped, loved, missed... Her music, Her spirit, Her smile, Her vividness, Her legacy still live on and will always do so. As always... my music starts and ends at AALIYAH, my , my muse, my inspiration.... With AALIYAH in our hearts. Respect - RIP, Babygirl._  

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ralph Lauren launches ''Denim & Supply''

Ralph Lauren has always been an extremely creative fashion designer and one of my very very faves; distinctively mixing casual with formal dress codes, setting exemplary trends like the Polos (being further segmented into the Big Pony special collections and not only...), designing home furniture as well as housing accessories, being himself a real arts lover and collector (you can witness it while visiting his worldwide stores: country houses, staircased, replete with wooden furniture and classic wall paintings) , a socially responsible and humane fashion figure via his contribution to the fight against breast cancer (Pink Pony clothing line).  He is one of his kind as he incomparably manages to maintain a fresh, youthful tone throughout his classicism; the latter being almost always enriched with avant-garde elements, i.e. marrying the old with the new. It is the reflection of Ralph Lauren himself who despite the years remains a young, refreshed, new and shining person. After the Ralph Lauren, Polo Jeans, Rugby, the RLX sportline and so many special collections and anchored in Ralph Lauren's authentic American heritage, Denim & Supply offers a new approach to denim and sportswear, capturing the weathered character of found vintage pieces and effortlessly styling them with an eclectic, individualistic spirit, the unique ''Ralph Lauren styled spirit''.

N*joy more info @ as well as the recently launched commercial video.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Kanye West, Jay-Z - Otis

The first clip i watched after being back from summer holidays and i am totally impressed though it is a kinda ''weird'' track and i do believe that the FUNKies will love it most! It is either loved or hated; there is no medium. A dynamic come back, funky collabo of the greatest contemporary rappers Jay Z and Kanye West! A great video conception and also production focusing on the chopping up of a Maybach 57 and its fun transformation into a Mad Max type futuristic vehicle. The particular vehicle used in the music video will be auctioned and the money earned will be donated to fight East African Drought Disaster. Gracie tanto to my beloved Italian amica IFY EMEH for tagging me on this video post. It appealed a lot to me and therefore i chose it for my MUSIC VIDEO of this day ;) From the recently launched album ''WATCH THE THRONE'' which I am heading to order ASAP,  n*joy ''Otis'' !

Thursday, August 11, 2011

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Angie Stone - Wish I Didn't Miss You

Angie Stone's masterpiece track ''Wish I didn't miss you'' ... I was listening to it today while driving to work early in the morning  and so many sweet memories filled my mind :) so this is my super beloved song and Music Video of the day!
n*joy :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MUSIC VIDEO FOR YESTERDAY :) House of Pain - Jump Around

Well, today I am posting the MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY but for yesterday cause it escaped my time but it was kept as pending in my mind :) I chose House of Pain ''Jump Around'' as a beloved crazy girlriend and artistic persona called me late in the afternoon August 9th  from St. Tropez just to let me listen to it while she was bouncing around at a beach bar at the French Riviera...So this is the MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY  August 9th and Ali is the person I owe and dedicate this post to! n*joy :)

Ryan Doyle is parkouring at Santorini along with... RED BULL ;)

In sequence to my previous post for RED BULL and Danny's way back home, here is another breathless athlete Ryan Doyle practicing parkour at magic, imaginary Santorini island :) Thumbs up to RYAN! Thumbs up to Red Bull once again and innumerable times again! Thumbs up to Greece for being enriched with such perfect spots as Santorini! Wonderful production, direction, action, concept...
RED BULL: Δίνει Φτερά!!! n*joy :)

Danny MacAskill - "Way Back Home" by Red Bull House Media

If only words could describe what you have just watched, then it would take me hours to write... THUMBS UP to Red Bull for sponsoring and uncovering such talents. The particular production in terms of skills, stunts, direction, film shooting, photography and suffice to say about Danny MacAskill are stunning, touching, unbelievable, leaving the viewer ... speechless! Well done to RED BULL for its invaluable and constant contribution to the world of sports. n*joy :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the MINI beach :)))))

MINI goes to the beach :) the concept pictures below worth a million words. The only thing I need to add is that the MINI Inflatables are conceived and created by Access-Agency !!! THUMBS UP once again to Mini and partners for their so much ahead, innovative and always impressive promotional activities! I do believe that Mini Cooper comes first throughout my blogging posts :)
n*joy  ''Topless MINIs @ the beach'' as well as your summertime ;)

Source of info about the MINI project and not only... @

GO FORTH new campaign by Levi's®

Levi's has launched a new corporate campaign entitled ''GO FORTH''. The campaign aims at supporting the pioneers and sending an optimistic message for the years to come. These may not be easy times, but they are our times. I attach the main tv commercial whereas you can also find in the worldwide web a variety of different versions , all of them though shouting out ''GO FORTH''. In relation to the pioneers' support , you can have a look at the link n*joy 

Monday, August 8, 2011

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Aloe Blacc - Loving You Is Killing Me

My very first post concerned to an unknown then upcoming soul artist , Aloe Blacc. Music video of the day therefore is LOVING YOU IS KILLING ME; wonderful, compassionate, loving, caring, cute, funny, adorable, uplifting, true ... :) Aloe Blacc : note down his name. His album GOOD THINGS is recommended to the ones loving the afrosoul , rhythm n blues, funky music... it is replete with soul rhythms as well as lovable, romantic balads and few tracks that sharply describe the recent global upside down, starting from the states crisis (I need a dollar / Life So Hard ...depressing but awesome tracks from the respective album). n*joy.... 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Speerit - Friendsheep

Since my music craze is vividly demonstrated throughout the social media cyber space and not only, i have decided to upload one music video per day :) according to the mood, the thoughts, the daily incidents... I came across this fresh launch due to the new cd compilation launch by Andrianos Papadeas & Yannis Iliopoulos THE SOUND OF EVERYTHING; i loved the video that transfers me to the place i should have been ;) and i also liked the travelling, escaping beat. I had in mind to post STELLA by Jam & Spoon but i leave it for some later on since this is very fresh and new :) n*joy

Curaj, Romania!

Piraeus Bank Romania is the Principal Sponsor of the 2012 Olympic Games Romanian Committee, a sponsorship going live for the years 2011-2012 and with the ultimate aim to bring the people as close as possible to the Olympic Games festive mood, spirit as well as Olympic ethics and values! Therefore, the attached viral video has been recently aired via youtube channel and a relative facebook webpage is available @ ! And these are not the only actions, but only the introductory ones :) The famous Romanian runner athlete Alexandru Teofilescu is starring in the particular viral video and sends a national message for the Olympic Encouragement of the Romanian National Team! Curaj Romania :)

Piraeus Bank Bulgaria joins forces with Unicef!

Piraeus Bank Bulgaria has launched a MasterCard credit card along with Unicef; each transaction accomplished with this special card entails the donation to Unicef by both the card holder and the bank. 

The campaign is itself a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) action launched in May 2011 and promoted via TV commercial, Print material (Point of sales and print ads) as well as internet by the launch of a microweb. Both the ‘’Petite Prince’’ creative of the card plastic as well as the touching and emotional story of the TVC aim at attracting the public interest and inviting people to contribute to Unicef in favor of kids that need extra reasons as well as psychival strength to smile :) The bank itself becomes an activist by additionally donating to the Unicef foundation!

The tv commercial is shot in black and white, dark colors trying to project the melancholy, sadness and misery featuring the kids’ lives. While everybody goes out with friends, has a drink and some fun, thousands of children are not in equivalent situations; they live in institutions, may not have parents, but they do preserve some hope deep inside! So, Piraeus Bank invites people to join its CSR action and together help these children save their hope for tomorrow! Since images speak louder than words, N*joy the artwork of the respective subtitled tv commercial ! 

Piraeus Bank Bulgaria launches '' the melody of business success''!

In June 2011, Piraeus Bank Bulgaria prepared and launched a very dynamic campaign in support of the Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs); the particular campaign aims at attracting the interest on the business products and services offered by Piraeus Bank Group subsidiary in Bulgaria which for the last years has been overperforming in targeting and servicing the enterprises, esp. via its business centers all over the country.

The campaign entitled ‘’Melody of success’’ is promoted via TVC, radio and print ads as well as a micro website at  The tv commercial projects the strong bond between business people and the bank. It is a very interesting, movie-like production, with impressive sound effects that successfully manages to convey this feeling of MELODY, ie. Melody of business success. The several transitional scenes are effectively combined by the genuineness of the sound and they succeed in carrying the viewer to the story. Produced by Civitas for Piraeus Bank Bulgaria :) n*joy!

Evian Roller Babies :)

One of my best ever TVCs!!!! Such a smart concept succeeding in raising the interest, leaving the viewer speechless as well as in wonder about how on earth it was produced :)))) the babies are rapping, breakdancing and rollerblading in the rhythm of RAPPER'S DELIGHT, a classic old school song carrying the viewer years ago and bringing in mind unforgettable pictures either from our own early years or our own kids :DDDD N*joy and do not forget to drink your EVIAN so as to manage the ''LIVE YOUNG'' X-perience :))))) in previous posts, i had commented about the combining BTL advertising activity with the LIVE YOUNG Evian tees as well as the respective website where the visitor could upload his/her photo with the t-shirt s/he liked and have a custom-made photo :)))) The campaign is conceived and produced by EURO RSCG ! THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!

MINI Countryman TV Commercial: Flow by BSUR

BSUR from The Netherlands won a GOLD at the 2011 NYF Advertising Awards for Mini Countryman Flow,” created for BMW/Mini. The award was received for the category ''Art, Technique + Technology for Computer Animation''.
MINI COOPER is always so advanced and constitutes one of the leading examples in advertising practices, ATL, TTL and of courseeeee BTL! N*joy the Mini Countryman exceptional tvc :) Simply... we love MINI !

DJ Fresh ft. Sian Evans 'Louder

Excellent dance track, beloved urban video for the ones that love Music, skating, roller blades, LIFE, friends... the ones that insist on remaining YOUNG ;)

Aaliyah & Timbaland - We Need A Resolution

AALIYAH has always been my 1 in a million... She is extremely missed and daily loved. With /.\ in our hearts .
Aaliyah Dana Haughton, 1979 - 2001 - 10 yrs missing U. _

Aaliyah - Try Again... AUGUST is my /.\ tribute month...

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