Friday, August 19, 2011

Ralph Lauren launches ''Denim & Supply''

Ralph Lauren has always been an extremely creative fashion designer and one of my very very faves; distinctively mixing casual with formal dress codes, setting exemplary trends like the Polos (being further segmented into the Big Pony special collections and not only...), designing home furniture as well as housing accessories, being himself a real arts lover and collector (you can witness it while visiting his worldwide stores: country houses, staircased, replete with wooden furniture and classic wall paintings) , a socially responsible and humane fashion figure via his contribution to the fight against breast cancer (Pink Pony clothing line).  He is one of his kind as he incomparably manages to maintain a fresh, youthful tone throughout his classicism; the latter being almost always enriched with avant-garde elements, i.e. marrying the old with the new. It is the reflection of Ralph Lauren himself who despite the years remains a young, refreshed, new and shining person. After the Ralph Lauren, Polo Jeans, Rugby, the RLX sportline and so many special collections and anchored in Ralph Lauren's authentic American heritage, Denim & Supply offers a new approach to denim and sportswear, capturing the weathered character of found vintage pieces and effortlessly styling them with an eclectic, individualistic spirit, the unique ''Ralph Lauren styled spirit''.

N*joy more info @ as well as the recently launched commercial video.

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