Monday, August 1, 2011

Evian Roller Babies :)

One of my best ever TVCs!!!! Such a smart concept succeeding in raising the interest, leaving the viewer speechless as well as in wonder about how on earth it was produced :)))) the babies are rapping, breakdancing and rollerblading in the rhythm of RAPPER'S DELIGHT, a classic old school song carrying the viewer years ago and bringing in mind unforgettable pictures either from our own early years or our own kids :DDDD N*joy and do not forget to drink your EVIAN so as to manage the ''LIVE YOUNG'' X-perience :))))) in previous posts, i had commented about the combining BTL advertising activity with the LIVE YOUNG Evian tees as well as the respective website where the visitor could upload his/her photo with the t-shirt s/he liked and have a custom-made photo :)))) The campaign is conceived and produced by EURO RSCG ! THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!

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  1. my baby would definitely be one of them :) totally identified !!!! i also think that in another life, i could be in the babies'cast for sure due to my love for rollerblades, RAP and breakdancing as well as NY! xaxaxaxa


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