Saturday, August 20, 2011

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Aaliyah - Miss You (Aaliyah Tribute)

''It's been too long and I am lost without you...
wondering if you are the same and who's been with you...
 I miss U''.
I trully need years to be writing about my favorite and beloved muse and artist AALIYAH... Music video of the day, of the weekend, of the month, of the years ... can be any video of Hers. On August 25th , 2011 there will be 10 years missing sweet, unique AALIYAH since Her tragic passing away. She is daily remembered, tributed, prayed, worshipped, loved, missed... Her music, Her spirit, Her smile, Her vividness, Her legacy still live on and will always do so. As always... my music starts and ends at AALIYAH, my , my muse, my inspiration.... With AALIYAH in our hearts. Respect - RIP, Babygirl._  

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  1. I want this poster so bad! Is there any way I can get one????


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