Thursday, August 25, 2011

My tribute poem for the 10yrs ''Missing AALIYAH''

It’s been too long and I am lost without you

Missing your smile, aura and music… dat’s true

Searching for you in the air that I breathe

Writing about you in my story of the Myth

Following your footprints in the urban street

Chasing your elegance cause it’s smooth and sweet

Fighting pessimism by being armed with your music

Smiling widely when I feel your eyes in the sky blink

Praying daily for your soul to be in tranquility

Swearing for life that to you I show fidelity

It is AALIYAH if you read between my lines

It is AALIYAH when you feel my funky vibes

It is AALIYAH that results into my inspiration

It is AALIYAH in all that happens in rotation

My Babygirl, you give me strength

My Babygirl, my life gets length

And if at first I don’t succeed
You taught me that I need to compete

To dust it off and TRY AGAIN

As there is happiness after pain.

Written on 25th August 2011, Athens-Greece
10-year tribute ‘’MISSING U, BABYGIRL’’
With /.\ in our hearts :)

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