Monday, July 25, 2011

Awesome packaging concepts :)

While going through today a recent info recollection provided by the trendhunter ( , I came across some wonderful packaging concepts which I would love to share via my Chrysafakiland... N*joy :)
TWO EGGS FOR YOU packaging is so practically minimal. Recycled paper carton boxed, minimally designed, efficient and creative craftsmanship. Via: conorwhelanwork.tumblr, lovelypackage

The EVIAN LADY is another concept to be cited; extremely elegant, feminine, parfume-bottled water. Via: packagingoftheworld

Writing about bottled-packaging, the BMG-10 beer MISSILES concept is a thumbs up practice!!! Both the beer container as well as the set package are quite impressive and breathtaking and indeed provocative, avant garde and inviting for a beer-battle ;) Via: marcojohndesign, thedieline

The BITTER CHOCOLATIER jars in another creative and astonishing container packaging. The BITTER CHOCOLATIER is served in a transparent glass jar, closed on a top with a cork and bearing a text sticker as an explanation to WHY I AM BITTER, i.e. my bitterness is related to the recipes. Very smart, catchy, self explanatory as well as delicious both in packaging as well as tasting ;) Via: miguelmolina, lovelypackage

Chewing gums can also have their attractive, playful, enjoyable packaging. Gubble Gum packages are playful, colorful, fun to have and expressive! Reminding me of the bright and creative figures of Artoyz and in general, the collective designers' vinyl toys. Via: jjaakk, packagingoftheworld

Fruity milk can be creative both as a product as well as packaging! Creame fruity drinks can be very peculiar in attracting attention; therefore, designing a minimal carton paper box with simple color graphics can be a successful recipe in targetting a variety of ages and esp. the youth. The particular design is very youth-oriented and it will surely appeal to all the minimal-lovers. This is the way Bili Cardona designed to ''serve'' the creamy fruit beverages Summercow Milk. Having a look below, I am pretty sure that everyone would love to have such paper carton fruit boxes in their fridge ! It worths the concept ;) Via: bilicardona, packagingoftheworld

We are accustomed to receiving delivery food in aluminum cases. But why not your tee as well? Esqudos de Lima clothes are delivered in such cases and are ''deliciously'' worn :),

Thanx 4 your POST-attention :-)

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