Monday, May 9, 2011


For some it may be something innovating, cool and new, but it is rooted back in 2008 in San Francisco when the British artist Paul Curtis mainly known as ''Moose'' thought about combining graffiti art to environment and reversing its role. The Reverse Graffiti project has been initially powered by Green Works, plant-based cleaners. However, to put a parenthesis, graffiti in my opinion is not something to combine with dirt and damage as long as art is performed for art's sake and does not intrude on private property. Of course, writing words, slogans and demonstrating by damaging the private property is a violation of art; turning grey, dull, dirty walls in art masterpieces, colorful patterns and beautiful artworks though is something to admire and why not encourage? Adding color and happy images to the miserable, concrete city is not a sin. Anyway, the REVERSE GRAFFITI project is based of dirt. Dirty, sooty surfaces are scrubbed up till clean ''graffiti'' images are produced. The means used by the artists are high-pressure sprays, cleaning products, stencil like boards and heavy-duty clothes. In this way, the artist uses the ''power to removal'' to produce his/her ''clean illustrations''. As Moose successfully comments ''Pollution is my medium'' and we do indeed live in an era where environmental consciousness needs to be a MUST. N-joy some Reverse Graffiti project images below ;) 

Being influenced and motivated by the Reverse Graffiti project, we nowadays come across innovating street marketing cases where stencil methods and not only, are applied on walls/roads so as to create similar ''clean illustration'' images carrying a message and strengthening brand awareness. The effective Smart mhd OOH below comprises the Reverse Graffiti philosophy and is implemented via the stencil technique. Thumbs up! N-joy ;) 

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