Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Exceptional concept, very touching video projecting a unanimous, tight Greek social bond. Even in your darkest ages, Keep Walking GREECE...and u will never walk alone.
Johnnie Walker's Greek team in cooperation with The Newtons agency were inspired by the negative climate in the country and proceeded with this production aiming at rising the Greek esteem and strength as well. Via the KEEP WALKING GREECE tv commercial, the Greeks are invited to walk together in the rain, in the streets, in the seaside, in the dark, in the harshness... Hope is commonly shared and unites our nation for a better Tomorrow. The tvc is using the famous song «You’ ll never walk alone» symbolizing thus comradeship, optimism. It focuses on people with A Soul, mature consciousness, both individual and collective advance... all of them leading to a better world. it sounds romantic, ideal, dreamy, utopia? Maybe... but i do believe that we do have more possibilities for success when we add some optimism, light, smile and positive thought around and inside us. The directors Charis Patramanis and Takis Zervoulakos cooperated so as to depict OUR GREECE that keeps dreaming, keeps hoping, keeps walking.
«Keep Walking Greece» is on air and available at where the visitors are able to add comments, photos, messages related to our Greece which keeps walking.
THUMBS UP for the genuinely GREEK initiative.
Chryssa :)

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