Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Volkswagen Beetle & Bolt the dog :)

Brand new tv commercial for the launch of VW Beetle... a car that inspires even our pets to chase after it in the streets! A car to run after :) but what a pity that Bolt is not thin enough to go through its door hole :((( thus, Bolt takes up intense exercise so as to be fit and thin, get out of the house and chase after the dreamy Beetle! in the end, there is the funny part at the bar where the tvc is broadcast and the intergalactic Star Wars heroes compare the previous Darth Vader tvc ''Magic Power'' :) and Bolt the dog... Bolt appears to be funnier :)))) and Darth Vader appears with is magic threatening power :) n*joy the commercial below! Thumbs up once again to VW for its campaign :D

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