Monday, December 5, 2011

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL ''Making the Invisible VISIBLE'' campaign.

German street art collective Mentalgassi have collaborated with Brothers and Sisters creative team Lisa Jelliffe and Kirsten Rutherford to create a series of unique art installations for Amnesty International.

“Making the invisible visible” uses lenticular fence posters. The art installation depicts a close up of six well-known individuals who have suffered unfortunate abuse regarding human rights acts. The victims' faces become only visible to those approaching the fence. Front on, the images become invisible. A plaque on each site alerts passers-by to an Amnesty website ( where they can sign a petition calling for justice for the victims.

“Mentalgassi’s images are unexpected, arresting and emotive. Their surprising use of faces on fence railings reminded us of prison bars which seemed like a unique way to highlight Amnesty’s work.”

Mentalgassi are a collective of three artists from Berlin. Their distinctive photographic street art is seen throughout Europe, with their work being included in Miami’s Art Basel Fair, Bilbao’s Getxo festival and Serbia’s Exit Festival. Their work can be seen at or

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