Monday, November 28, 2011

A ''GRAFFaki'' walk :)

Chrysafaki has constantly indicated a strong love for urban culture and street art. Therefore, you can find attached some snap shots that I created while walking around in the streets, while chasing after the air of the city, while witnessing the grandeur of athenian street art. I love illustrations, I love colors, I love design, I love painting and mixing colors as well as sounds :) Chrysafaki illustrates its indicative and representative ''GRAFFaki'' pics below. GRAFFaki < GRAFFITI + Faki... my nickname!N*joy...

Michael Jackson's graffiti on a store rolling wall at Ifaistou Street, Monastiraki area

''ino'' 's teargas Psirri area. Linkin Park (and not only) would love that graffiti!

Wonderful GRAFFITI area at the end of Ermou St., opposite the Technopolis spot at Gazi! So many memories, so many pics there...the graffities across Piraeus Ave. are awesome as well!

OBEY graff nearby Karaiskaki Sq. Peace & Victory signs ... so cool!

I met Mr. Obama with his gorilla look-alike pet while wandering around Plaka :D

A For Athens....does not only have a view to the Acropolis :)check out the rare view!

Well, it's not the real BANKSY , but my beloved Nouvelle Vague Bar at Kolonaki, Skoufa st., has a strong taste for deco...apart from the unique cocktails ;) Delicious cocktails, expressive walls!

TIME walk across Kriezotou Street, Syntagma - Athens downtown :)

The following ''graffotos'' were captured on 31st March 2012 while talking a walk on the Gazi side, Athens area again... n*joy

--> reminding a lil bit of Banksy's BALLOON GIRL...

    Magritte may have loved this half-remake ;) of ''The Son of Man''

--> Beautifying ugly yards ;))))

Entrance stairs : arrow to UPstairs

I promise to be carrying my photo camera from now on so as to come up with loads of new GRAFFaki pics!

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