Thursday, September 1, 2011

Social initiaves that can brighten our day: ''Say Something Nice'' by Improv Everywhere

Imrov Everywhere in collaboartion with the Guggenheim Museum took on a very enlightening and socially beneficial initiative. In New York Union Square , a wooden  podium with a speaker and the tag ''SAY SOMETHING NICE'' were placed in public giving thus the chance to each passer by to grasp the speaker and shout out something nice to the people walking by :) .  How nice as an initiative, so sweet, expressive, genuine, communicative, funny, surprising, spontaneous, humane... An excellent practice, something simple to conceive and implement while adding so much psychical satisfaction,  pleasure, smiles, fun, amusement, social care... feelings that the contemporary Society is deprived of and thus in need of! I wish something similar was also organized in Greece adding thus optimism and color in our routine. n*joy the video attached below :)and never forget to SAY SOMETHING NICE to all the people around/besides you !

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