Sunday, March 6, 2011

Google Art project

1st February 2011, London and Google unveils its GOOGLE ART PROJECT. Since then, the most famous art museums of the world are just a click away. After long collaboration between Google and the world's best art museum partners, there has been launched a cyber area providing the online visitors with the opportunity to:
* see a thousands artworks of the most famous painters in history. Artworks in 1Gigapixel resolution, with the options of being zoomed and commented as well.
* enjoy a 360 virtual museum areas tour
* upload and publicize their own artworks

A splendid project making ART accessible at every edge of the earth. It provides everyone with the opportunity to digitally visit the best museums worldwide and witness the grand art masterpieces. Thus, art becomes accessible, available and friendly for everyone and though we do not have real interaction, art does not require labor, time and money. Some may argue that the Google Art Project isolates art from man as s/he is not supposed to be visting museums - on the spot - but can do it via a pc. The important is that the world wide web is everywhere and we are everywhere due to this fact. Google Art Project performs ART for ART'S SAKE. In addition, it is implemented with the consignment and the close cooperation of the museum teams, too. They were the ones to accommodate the 18-month project from the artistic point of view in cooperation with the technicalities issues supervised both by them and Google. So the Google Art Project is an outcome of more than one parties collaboration. 
Already curious to test this? Just type in the URL  and enjoy the tour to 17 of the most well-known art museums around the world : Altes Nationalgalerie, The Freer Gallery of Art Smithsonian, National Gallery (London), The Frick Collection, Gemäldegalerie, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA, Museo Reina Sofia, Museo Thyseen - Bornemisza, Museum Kampa, Palace of Versailles, Rijksmuseum, The State Hermitage Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, Tate, Uffizi and Van Gogh Museum.


  1. Didn't know about that!Α μολις καταλαβα οτι εισαι Ελληνιδα :)Πολυ ωραιο project φαινεται,να τα βλεπουμε μεσω internet τουλαχιστον!

  2. really love the google art project! lovely post!