Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MONCLER Grenoble heats & hits ...the dancefloor! ;)

Moncler Grenoble has recently attracted the eyes due to its avant garde, extremely creative presentation of the Fall / Winter 2011 snow clothing line. In particular, the ''dance-walk'', and NOT catwalk, event took place at the Grand Central Station of New York. At the main ticket hall area, an uplifting dancing performance led by the Moncler models took place attracting both the passer bys and the worldwide sight as well. The whole fashion performance is based in the crowd-dancing incidents that have been regularly organized and accomplished in public means stations, central city spots where a lot of strangers, after some rehearsals, used to gather and dance in the same way some tracks. This habit became extremely popular after Michael Jackson's passing away; his innumerable fans gathered all around the world and danced to his beats. In a similar way and inspiration, the Moncler models danced to a successful music compilation at the Grand Central Station of New York while wearing and showing off the Moncler snow clothing equipment! The spectators got stuck all around the space to take photos and some ones started dancing , too! This is a fashion show to be surely viewed, well-remembered, copied perhaps or better inspire the rest to leave the catwalks and place their fashion in lower layers, approachable and more interactive areas. The particular event was produced by Villa Eugenie. Thumbs up again and again!!!n*joy :)

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